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Much appreciation and gratitude to these dear patients for taking the time to share their personal healing journeys with others!


"Supriya and I worked specifically on migraine headache management and prevention, stress management, and living free of medication. It’s totally appropriate to say that Supriya changed my life.  I didn’t know what “normal” or “healthy” felt like before I met her.  Supriya’s healing spirit touched me; mind, body, and soul.  Her reach is everlasting.  She was a light in my life that was needed for a long time.” – J. Hansen


“Supriya is a gifted and compassionate healer.  It is very important for me to feel connected to those treating me, and Supriya made that easy.  She treated me with love and kindness and such knowledge.  I had experienced a lot of anxiety in addition to a 31-year struggle with bulimia.  Over the course of my treatment with Supriya, with additional work on my own, I have been free from that vicious cycle for the first time in years.  There are many other physical and psychological ailments that Supriya has helped with me, but the most profound was the eating disorder.  There isn't a light that shines as bright as her.  She is a gift to anyone who seeks healing.  She will be missed in Lawrence, Kansas by all as she has truly touched every life she made contact with.”  - C. Emmerich


“Supriya, so much of healing has to do with connection and presence… of course technique and skill are assumed!  So, to me, I will miss that sense of “being met” at where I am.  In my work, I call it “witnessing,” and so I recognize that sense of deep empathy immediately in others – and that is what I will remember about you – and miss – the most.” – J. Melland


"Sup, where do I even begin to tell you how grateful I am that the universe brought you into our lives?  Baby Starzen would not be here without you!  Our journey together becoming pregnant, staying pregnant, and birthing has been amazing, and I cherish every memory with you being a part of it.  Thank you for being you.  Your light, joy, wisdom, touch, fun, vibrant and amazing talent shines!” – D. Thurman


"Supriya is a consummate acupuncturist and well knows the work. She was able to feel the energies in my body and uses such a deft hand. I have experienced over a dozen different acupuncturists over the years, and Supriya ranks on my list as my all-time favorite and most accomplished.” – E. Kipp


“I was at a point in my life where my bulging discs in my neck were causing so much pain that the only option was surgery.  I met Supriya through a friend and, though I was a skeptic, thought I would try acupuncture. Wow, did it change my outlook on life! I felt so much better every day. Supriya took time to listen to my issues and always gave me the best treatment to make me feel like a new person, whether it was cupping, gua sha or needles.  She is a very empathetic and compassionate person.” – D. Patel


“When you came into my life, it was at such a pivotal time. Your presence was so uplifting, and you seemed to embody pure joy. In you, I’d met someone who invested in me to the degree that I so many times felt myself investing in others. To have that care reciprocated, matched and perhaps even surpassed what I’d given was life giving.  You’ve helped me learn to embrace the people I love unapologetically and that my value is also to be welcomed – and not something to be apologetic about. Thank you for your friendship and for your love, which seems to know no boundaries. Your gift is joy and acceptance.” – K. Szrot

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